Know Your Industrial Scrap Metals

When you have scrap metal to get rid of for your industrial business, it helps to understand the type of metal that your business produces. Understanding the type of metal that you have will help you sort it out and find the right service to take away your metal.

Metal #1: Copper

One of the best metals to recycle is copper. Copper is easy to identify because it has a distinct color. It usually has a reddish color, although over time copper turns from more of a brown color and eventually a rusty green color.

Copper is one of the best metals to recycle and scrap because it has the highest value. It is often used within the construction industry. This is the best metal to scrap.

Metal #2 Aluminum

Aluminum is another popular metal. Aluminum is very lightweight and often bends easily. It is very thin. Aluminum is about more than just cans. Aluminum is also used in things such as window frames, doors, and siding.

Aluminum doesn't have a huge scrap metal recycling value. However, it does make a big impact on the environment when you recycle aluminum. Recycled aluminum can be very easily reused and can help your company reduce your impact on the environment.

Metal #3: Brass

Brass is not that common of a metal. Brass has more of a yellow color to it, although it can turn red as well. Brass is heavy metal because it is made from two different metals. It is made from copper and zine. It is often used in things such as plumbing and piping. The value of brass can vary a lot. Sometimes it is worth more, and other times less, although one often gets more for it than one would think they would because of how dense brass is.

Metal #4: Steel

Steel is a very common byproduct of the industrial process. If your business has excess steel to get rid of, you want to get rid of it right away. Steel can really easily start to rust, which is why you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. You don't want to leave steel sitting outside for long periods of time. The value is not that high for scrap steel, but by scrapping the metal instead of throwing it away, you will make some money instead of spending some money getting rid of it.

When it comes to scrap metals produced by your business, you can hire an expert to come and pick it up for you. They can get rid of the industrial scrap metal and help you make some money at the same time.