Industrial Wastewater Pumps: A Look At Common Impeller Designs

When it comes to expelling wastewater from an industrial setting, there are basically two different options. One, you will have a lateral disposal vane that carries the water out of the building through a simple hose-like flowing pipe that water simply slides right through. Two, you will have a wastewater pump that actually uses some type of impeller system to apply pressure to water moving through the wastewater line to eliminate it properly. Wastewater pumps are required when the drainage wastewater cannot flow out naturally, either because of gravity or the consistency of the wastewater being eliminated. Here is a look at some of the most common impeller designs of industrial wastewater pumps that industrial wastewater pump installation companies offer. 

Vortex Impeller - The vortex impeller actually creates a liquid vortex, otherwise known as a whirlpool, inside of the pump to help push the wastewater out for disposal. When this whirlpool is created, the force of gravity changes, which allows for wastewater to be moved through lines that may otherwise have a difficult time draining because of their positioning. For example, if there is a sharp drop in a drainage line, there may need to be a little more force to expel the water because it will not flow naturally into the enclosed space. The vortex inside of the pump is created by an impeller that has angled spinning hubs to push the water in a circular motion. 

Grinder Impeller - The toughest of the impeller systems is industrial wastewater pumps. The grinder impeller system is designed to do exactly what it sounds like: grind materials. the grinder impeller has a sharply ridged bane design that chops right through solid pieces of material when they pass through the line. Grinder impellers are commonly combined with sewer ejection pumps so the waste can be ground and pushed through the lines at a rapid rate of speed. These impellers work well in industrial settings that have wastewater laced with mud, chunks of debris, or other solid materials. 

Semi-Open Impeller - A semi-open impeller is a type of radial impeller that has vanes mounted to a flat like hub that spins to push the wastewater material through the pump. The impeller is called a semi-open impeller because it is not completely shut off to seal away the waste inside of the lines, but it is not completely open either. This impeller works well with thicker wastewater that does not have a lot of solids in it.