Facility Supplies You Need For Your Factory

Facility supplies are the daily necessities your company needs to run smoothly. While these supplies appear to be minimal in use, they are missed when they are needed, so make sure to stock up on the following items to keep your factory safe and running effectively.

Step Ladders

Step ladders allow your staff to reach items on shelves without having to stand on an unsteady surface. Invest in enough step ladders so that you have one in every utility closet or near all shelving areas that get frequent use.

Energy Saving Bulbs

Light fixtures should have additional bulbs ready for use in the event a closet, working room, or other areas of the factory loses a light bulb. Choose energy efficient light bulbs as they burn longer than traditional lights do and have the added benefit of saving you money while they are in use.

Stock up on light bulbs as you use them, so you always have the correct number of bulbs you need, just in case. You can buy energy saving bulbs in bulk to save money on your initial investment. Store bulbs in a closet where they cannot be accidentally tipped over and broken.


Small flashlights that can fit in a worker's pocket are ideal for your factory in case the electricity goes out unexpectedly, or you need additional lighting to reach inventory in a back closet or shelf. Invest in enough flashlights and accompanying batteries that every employee has access to a light if they need one. Buy flashlights that have attached hooks and loops on them for easy carrying and hanging off a belt loop or other work attire.


Memory foam mats or other supportive mats should be supplied in your factory to give employees a soft surface to stand on, especially if your facility has hard cement, wood, or asphalt flooring. You minimize employee discomfort in investing in durable, slip-resistant mats that are easy to transport from one area of your factory to another.

Mats can be small for individual use where people stand in one spot for long periods at a time, or longer to fit an assembly line or another working area. Choose mats that have a soft cushion in them for the best comfort of your employees.

You can buy all your facility supplies at your local warehouse or factory supplier. The right supplier will be able to sell you all the items you need in bulk. For more information, contact a company like TFA.