The Ultimate Guide When Choosing A Hand Truck For Dock-Related Activities

If you work on a dock, one of the most valuable pieces of equipment that you'll use is a heavy-duty hand truck. It enables you to transport a lot of weight in a safe manner. There are many hand trucks available today, and to ensure you make the right investment, remember this guide. 

Weight Limit

Even though these hand trucks are extremely durable and long-lasting, they are intended to hold only a certain amount of weight at a time. Surpassing these weight limits will not only cause them to wear down more quickly, but you could suffer significant injuries. 

The weight limit that you need depends entirely on the types of items you plan on transporting around the dock. The heavier these items are, the larger weight limit you'll need. After assessing the types of materials you'll be moving regularly, check the hand truck's product description to ensure they don't exceed the recommended weight limit. 


How long your hand truck holds up over the years depends a lot on the coating it has. There are many great coats to consider today, including galvanized, powder, and anodizing coats.

Galvanized coats feature a lot of zinc, an element that is important for helping your hand truck resist corrosion. Powder coats are just as durable and make hand trucks weather-resistant. You'll certainly need this design when working out on a dock, where the weather elements can be harsh. 

With an anodizing coat, your hand truck's surface will be thicker and thus be more durable. If you do choose this coat, make sure you also apply a clear sealant for additional protection.

Special Features 

Hand trucks today vary so much in terms of the special features they come with. One of the most important to consider is a textured surface design. It enables materials to grip more effectively on these trucks, preventing precious inventory from falling off while these trucks are in motion.

It's also a good idea to look for hand trucks that come with large rubber tires. They enable you to easily travel over bumps and other imperfections that are in your pathways. You may even want a hand truck with a convertible design. For small materials, you can use the two-wheeled portion. Then for significantly larger items, you can set the truck horizontally and take advantage of four wheels. 

Working on a dock loading and unloading materials can be tough, but not so much when you invest in the right hand truck. Take your time choosing this tool so that your work days are significantly less difficult. 

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