Why You Need A Portable Air Compressor For Your Handyman Business

Being a handyman can give you a lucrative career. Learn the benefits of owning a portable air compressor for your business so you can increase the services you offer and the clients you serve.

Lawn services

A portable air compressor can be used for basic lawn services, such as blowing out dirty gutters (a household task that is needed but not many homeowners are equipped to do), cleaning sidewalks and driveways, and even blowing out sprinkler systems. Sprinkler systems have to have the water in the sprinkler lines blown out before winter so frozen water isn't left in pipes, which can cause serious damage.

Basic car work

Any tool for a car that uses air to operate, such as a tire tool, can be used with an air compressor. This means you can expand your services to tire repair or other car-related issues. You can even use a portable air compressor to fill your own car tires (or those of your clients) to add this unique craft to your business.

Note: always fill a car tire to its intended tire pressure fill, which is indicated on the tire itself.

Easy to use

Portable air compressors from a place like Airgen Equipment are usually lightweight and easily transported in design, which means you can leave one in your work vehicle for a variety of purposes. A portable air compressor can be plugged in or charged via a vehicle charging port for easy use.

Painting Tasks

A portable air compressor can be attached to a paint sprayer for quick and easy paint jobs. With a portable air compressor, you can add painting to your resume, painting homes both on the outside and the inside.


While you can rent an air compressor for individual jobs from your local equipment rental store, investing in a portable air compressor may be best for you. This way, you always have the unit available when you need it so you can finish jobs and get paid sooner without the rental overhead costs (that you usually have to put on the customer).

When using an air compressor, follow all the safety guidelines. Wear protective eye wear and gloves when operating a portable air compressor, and never use the unit around children or pets.

A portable air compressor can be a great addition to your handyman business. Since not a lot of people own this type of machinery, you can make money with your portable air compressor along with your other handyman equipment,