Sewer Repairs Without Service Disruption

Problems in sewer mains can be extremely expensive for municipalities. In addition to the cost of the repair itself, shutting down the sewer system during the repair can be a huge headache and potentially add to the total cost of failure. The difficulty in dealing with a problem that is not yet critical can cause municipalities to put off necessary repairs for longer than is advisable, leading to more serious and ultimately more expensive and disruptive problems. In this age of social media and ubiquitous cameras, repairs that drag on for too long or that lead to obvious complications can quickly escalate into public relations disasters.

Isolating the sewer line that is being worked on can be one solution to these problems. By isolating a section of the sewer main, there is no need to shut down service over a large area. This allows municipalities to deal with problems before they escalate, since the cost and time needed for the repair can be reduced to a more manageable level.

Insertion Valves

Insertion valves are one option available when a valve on a line requires replacement. Insertion valves are, as the name implies, inserted into an existing line. The placement of an insertion valve allows a repair to be conducted without affecting pressure within the line. This means that repairs can be conducted without shutting down service. Insertion valves can even be added to lines that are under high pressure without shutting down service along that line.

Once installed, insertion valves become a permanent part of the line. This means that in addition to allowing for emergency repairs, insertion valves can also be used for future maintenance and to control the pressure in the line. High-quality insertion valves require only a single cut to be made into the existing line with no need to release pressure first, drastically reducing the cost of valve repair.

Line Stop Fittings

Line stop fittings allow a section of water or sewer line to be shut down temporarily without interrupting service further upstream. High-quality line stop fittings are inserted directly at the site of the problem without releasing pressure from the system. This means that repairs can be undertaken without requiring large service disruptions or, potentially, any service disruptions at all. High-end line stop fittings will have pressure allowances of 200psi or more, allowing for the flexibility to install them wherever they are needed without shutting down any part of the system.

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