4 Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Home's Exterior With Affordable Architectural Details

When doing renovations to your home there are 2 types of improvements that you will want to do; practical improvements and aesthetic improvements. If you are looking for ways that you can improve the appearance of your home, adding architectural details will give it a completely new design. These features can include things like trim for corners or stucco trim to accident windows. Here are some of the ways that you can improve the look of your home's exterior with affordable architectural details:

1. Simple Molding Improvements To Cornice The Add To The Design Of Your Home

In the corners of your home at the eaves of your roof, often has very simple trim details. If you want to make a bold statement and add more details to the exterior of your home, consider adding architectural molding to the cornice at walls. There are many different options for cornice molding materials, such as wood molding white stucco trim or synthetic foam materials.

2. Wider Trim Around Windows And Doors To Make Openings Stand Out

Most modern windows have very narrow trim around the edges of the exterior. If you want to make your windows bolder and stand out, there are several options for installing trim around your windows. For siding, this can be done with conventional one by wood materials and for brick and masonry, synthetic stucco trim materials can be used to give openings custom trim accents.

3. Adding Roof Design Details That Can Be Both Practical And Aesthetic

Your home may have a simple roof design with very few architectural details. For architectural improvement on your roof, you may want to consider practical improvements like installing dormer windows that can be opened for better attic ventilation and improved energy efficiency. There are also other improvements that can be done for aesthetic purposes, such as installing it cupola at the top of the ridge.

4. Decorative Accents To Improve The Look Of Covered Areas

There may be several areas around your home that are covered by the roof. Usually, these areas have plain cornice details. These are also areas where simple improvements like installing decorative architectural columns or would work can greatly affect the appearance of your home. There are also many options for the type of materials that you use for improvements in these areas, such as fiberglass columns and custom woodcarving.

These are some of the ways that you can improve the exterior of your home with affordable architectural details. If you are looking to change the look of your home, contact a stucco trim service for help with adding accents to the exterior.